I am Smiley : The Prequel

by Smiley

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Smiley pursued a career in rap from the age of 11 when he entered a Slick Rick contest in Rap Sheet magazine. He pursued that career until the age of 22 when a computer malfunction caused him to lose all of his mastered songs. it was at this time that Smiley hung up the mic, for what he thought was... For Good!

Now! 10 years later. After a career in professional wrestling, reality TV, infomercial weight loss testimonials, and multiple losing game show appearances... Not to mention an appearance on The Oprah Show! Well, Smiley is Back!!!

Smiley has picked up the mic to express his frustrations over his broke state of being, loss of gigs, jobs, work in DVD authoring, everything.

Well not everything, just two things.

This is the EP. The prequel. It lists 2-songs, but Smiley wanted to hide some tracks (can he do that?)!

I am Smiley
the prequel


released June 23, 2009

Keys the Dog
Cosmic Threshold




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Track Name: Too Broke For Ice Cream
I'm too broke to go out for Ice Cream
go out for ice cream
To go out for Ice Cream!
I'm too broke to go out for ice cream,
so I'm standing by my freezer and I'm licking the ice!

Scoop, scoop it's all good.
Track Name: Waiting Tables
Who would have thought it would happen to me?
Get picked, get cast for reality TV
I know it's not network,
but hey it's still cable
It don't mean squat, because I'm still Waiting Tables!