Too Broke For Ice Cream

from by Smiley

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In a fast paced world of increased technology, out of control instability, and decreased accountability, Smiley takes us back with a style of music reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, which just makes you want to smile. He is what he is, and that is a funny, goofy, good ole’ nice guy that just wants to have some fun, and live all of his dreams.

The economy is in the crapper. Times are tough, and life for Smiley is back to square one. With creditors calling because he is late on his bills, work disappearing as his “day job” dries up due to technology changes, and hunger going wild due to decreased food intake, it was as he was walking out the door of his apartment to head to Cold Stone, that Smiley stopped and said to himself…

“I can’t go out. I’m too broke for ice cream.”

That was the moment the song came to him. It was something that drove him, and something he had to get done. Smiley immediately called his long time beat-maker and friend Kwasi Cosmic Threshold, but due to studying for his PhD, Kwasi did not have time to get a track made. Smiley then called his boy Richy Gunnz, but once again scheduling conflicts and Richy couldn’t make a track. Then, Smiley found the creator. A creator so unique, so different, so smiley that Smiley couldn’t pass it by… Super producer extraordinaire, Keys the Dog.

That’s right, Smiley’s song is so fun and ridiculous, that a human couldn’t even make it. It had to be made by a puppet dog.

Smiley’s “Too broke For Ice Cream” is a flashback song to the Fresh Prince and Skee-Lo era of rap and pop music with a style that is fun, positive and goofy.


I'm too broke to go out for Ice Cream
go out for ice cream
To go out for Ice Cream!
I'm too broke to go out for ice cream,
so I'm standing by my freezer and I'm licking the ice!

Scoop, scoop it's all good.


from I am Smiley : The Prequel, released June 23, 2009
Keys the Dog (Steve Kaminski)




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